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Cammie Troake

The Professional

Cammie has a BA Hons in English with Creative Writing from the University of Nottingham and completed her professional diploma in Digital Marketing at The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing, which she achieved with credit.

She started her career at leading tech PR agency Berkeley Global, executing and managing the PR strategies across a range of B2B and B2C clients including Kaspersky Lab, NETGEAR, Airkix and VCE.

Before joining Hatch Group in 2018, Cammie worked with media, research and events company DataIQ, specialising in data and analytics, where she was responsible for building up and advancing the marketing operations and leading the overall strategy across both the company and its partners.

In 2016 she was tasked to advance the DataIQ’s online presence and increase brand awareness as it made the commitment to abandon its print publication and go fully digital. Through a series of holistic digital campaigns she subsequently increased DataIQ’s new user traffic by 76% and organic search traffic by 155% within a year, increased their online subscriber base from 5,000 to over 15,000, and secured coverage across a vast collection of national and top tier publications including Forbes, The New York Times, CNBC, Yahoo!, The Daily Mail, Marketing Week, Computer Weekly, CIO, and The Drum.

She also spent a lot of time animatedly talking about GDPR.

The Person

Being a South African-Welsh hybrid Cammie faces an on-going battle where her love for blazing hot sunshine is hindered by her pale skin’s complete intolerance of it. As a result, for the past 6 years Cammie has spent a lot of her spare time underground in caves.

These caving expeditions take her from Yorkshire to the mountains of France, where on one particular occasion her team were forced to cross an 80m lake to the cave entrance whilst carrying all of their equipment – with nothing but a child’s blow-up dingy, a few metres of rope and a box of France’s finest Chablis.

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