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Charlie Bowes-Lyon

The Professional

Charlie’s extensive entrepreneurial skillset was driving results before he even graduated from Edinburgh University. Here he set up his own online publishing business whilst studying History and scaled its user base through paid media and SEO for four years before exiting.

He turned his attention to headhunting in 2015, specialising in technology and digital media roles before joining us at Fly in 2017, where he’s been instrumental in growing the company and launching it into Berlin.

The Person

You could say Charlie really, really likes digital marketing. But that doesn’t quite cut it. As well as scaling up his own business whilst at university, Charlie now spends his free time executing Facebook ads for an e-commerce project he’s running on the side.

There was also a year when he created and ran a YouTube channel that got over 12,000 subscribers and 5 million video views purely from organic marketing. Sounds pretty cool right? That’s until you find out it was all geeky content from the game Clash of Clans.

When he’s not busy being a digital marketing guru or thinking up new projects, Charlie straps on some skis and heads to the slopes – where his après-ski is a G&T.

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