Co-Founder & Managing Director, Fly - Hatch Group

Luke Jonas

The Professional

Luke is one of the original brains behind Hatch Group and has 14 years’ digital experience spanning ad networks, ecommerce and adtech.

Having successfully scaled the franchise and partnerships division of e-commerce retailer across Europe, Luke has also worked within a number of channels including social, mobile, and affiliate marketing for companies such as Affiliate Window, Nanigans and Flurry, where he was responsible for launching the Flurry Mobile Ads and Analytics Solution across mainland Europe.

A commercial whiz through-and-through, Luke decided to make the transition to recruitment after repeatedly coming across the same problem – his clients from VC-backed start-ups found it increasingly difficult to build expert growth teams.

This led to the creation of Fly Hiring, where Luke has co-founded a team that can use their commercial and entrepreneurial experiences to find companies the professionals they need to lead their growth teams.

The Person

Whilst you might be fooled by the trendy beard, Luke is actually a country lad at heart who decided to throw in his wellies for the bright lights of the big smoke. It doesn’t take him long to get back to his roots though – when he’s not growing companies Luke can be found growing a variety of plants in his back garden.

In fact, if you ever have the delight of visiting our Hatch Group offices you’ll notice the rainforest ambience. Luke, always one for a challenge, took on the full responsibility of sorting out the décor. In short, we have a lot of plants.

Whilst being a descendant of Welsh Royalty is one of Luke’s most noteworthy characteristics, he also has a range of accomplishments to date that have nothing to do with his heritage. These include some fine snowboarding skills on the slopes, the successful upbringing of Walter (a charming havanese puppy), and importing every single Borat mankini into the UK. Yes, he is responsible for flooding the country with green spandex.

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