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Nadege Poey-Domenge

The Professional

Nadege studied Advertising and Marketing in the South of France before heading onto Paris to complete her MBA in Marketing. Oui, it is fair to say she has a certain je ne sais quoi about her.

She began her career client-side in Paris for France’s national flight company, Air France, before crossing the channel into London and joining the team at Mozoo, a mobile advertising agency. Here she was in charge of Uber – Mozoo’s biggest account at the time.

Eventually Nadege went back to being client-side at makeup company Wunder2, leading paid social campaigns for a large number of products across several countries. It was also where she met Nest’s Giacomo Cestari, who introduced her to our team in January 2019.

One of Nadege’s key achievements to date is scaling the French market for Wunder2 on Facebook, making it the third most profitable region for the company (after the US and UK). In 2018 Wunder2 Brow Gel also became Amazon’s #1 item sold in its cosmetics category for the US and UK.

The Person

There is nothing Nadege enjoys more than a café latte. In fact, she’s a little bit obsessed – not with actually drinking them, but becoming the next Monet of the barista world. Apparently she likes to spend her weekends breaking into her favourite coffee shop in East London so she can keep on fuelling her latte art addiction and serving her masterpieces to the UK public.

(We’re joking of course, Nadege claims the owner of the café is a close friend, and with no current news reporting on a serial latte maker rampaging through the cafés of East London we’ve chosen to believe this)

Aside from her caffeinated canvasing, Nadege also enjoys going to the gym, binge watching Netflix, and travelling the world so she can pick up the quirkiest trinkets from foreign supermarkets. It’s actually her favourite tourist attraction.

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