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Praveane Mathialagan

The Professional

Prav graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2017 with a 2:1 in Economics with French before joining Nest as a Performance Marketing Analyst in January 2018.

During his final year of university Prav not only took up Facebook advertising as a freelancer, but also somehow managed to convince his tutor that his final dissertation should be centred around football. If you’re wondering what on earth football has to do with Economics and French (bar the 2018 World Football Cup), ask Prav – the dissertation was awarded a first class.

At Nest Performance Prav works across a variety of clients including Huel, Reality Gaming, Service Whale and Papier.

The Person

You might have gathered that Prav really loves football. Like, A LOT. But aside from watching football, playing football, talking about football, writing about football and thinking about football, Prav has a budding talent for winning all-you-can-eat food challenges.

At university, Prav was known to his local pub for taking part in their food challenge where the contender was awarded the meal for free if they could finish everything on their plate.

On 3 separate occasions Prav finished the challenge with a growing ease, which subsequently led to the pub banning him from ever eating the meal again.

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