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Rajiv Thakrar

The Professional

Raj graduated from the University of Manchester with a BSc in Mathematics and Financial Mathematics. Whilst a career as a mathematical mastermind was tempting, Raj used his analytical powers and number-crunching skills for good and it wasn’t long before he joined the team at Nest Performance.

His multi channel experience includes Facebook, Snapchat and Google UAC, and he’s worked with a variety of clients across a range of verticals – including Habito, Miniclip, Reality Gaming, VITL, Heist, Charles Tyrwhitt and AllPlants.

Working with Miniclip has been a career highlight for Raj, who started playing their games when he was 8 years old – so his destiny was set. His understanding of the client coupled with his digital prowess were a knockout combination during the 2018 Football World Cup, where he scaled their game “Football Strike” to a 5 figure daily budget and exceeded targets by over 50%.

The Person

When there’s no cricket or tennis to watch Raj can be found out and about exploring the great outdoors. On the weekends he trades analytics for adventure and lives for good old-fashioned Sunday bike rides and casual hikes through the countryside come rain or shine – as long as he’s outside and away from his computer he’s a happy camper (literally).

This sense of adventure doesn’t always end in picturesque gallivanting. There was one time when Raj lost a pet snake down the armrest of his friend’s sofa, and they spent a challenging 1 and a half days tearing it apart before being reunited with the riotous reptile.

Raj is also Hatch Group’s self-proclaimed Head of Emojis. We can proudly say that Hatch Group has an emoji for every occasion thanks to Raj.

Seriously we even have one of his face.

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