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Sarah Geoffrion

The Professional

Sarah has Bachelor degree in Fine Art from Concordia University but opted to follow the path of critiquing Ads over arts, with another Bachelor’s degree in Commerce where she majored in Marketing.

Throughout her degree Sarah worked as fulltime Facebook Campaign Manager for a number of ecommerce clients including Good Food, Bonlook, Melanie Lyne, Suzie Shier, Dose Juice and Silveredge. She’s also had a stint of selling luxury pens – like Jack from Love Island (but minus the weird poster of Danny Dyer tacked on her wall).

Before joining the team at Nest Performance Sarah worked as a Campaign Manager with Bloom Search Marketing in Montreal, Canada, where she continued to oversee all Facebook activity as an independent consultant even during her move to London in September 2017.

Sarah manages a range of our ecommerce clients that have included Heist, Josh Wood Colour, Nectar Sleep, and Stance Socks.

The Person

When she’s not critiquing the fine art of London’s galleries you can find Sarah in the Warrior ll pose channeling her inner zen as an avid yogi, or pulling on her trainers and hitting the parks for a good old run around.

It’s not all culture and fitness though, Sarah loves an evening spent lounging on the couch and pursuing her unhealthy obsession with movies (she’s particularly partial to horror and sci-fi). In fact, she’s so passionate about movies watching them isn’t enough, so Nest can now claim we have an Oscar-winning movie star* as part of our team.

*Well, she was in a movie that won an Oscar so it’s pretty much the same thing.

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