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Siobhan Wren

The Professional

Siobhan studied at the University of Essex for four years where she got a 2:1 in Business Management and spent a year abroad sunning – sorry, we meant studying – in Armidale, Australia. 

After graduating, Siobhan worked at Tesco before moving onto Moonpig as a Customer Service Representative. She joined Flying Hiring as Team Assistant in February 2019. 

A business management guru in the making and rivalled only by Lord Alan Sugar, Siobhan won several business awards whilst at school – including the Cranfield Business Challenge, where she went head-to-head against the other schools in Bedfordshire and triumphed thanks to her insane knowledge of the stock market.

The Person 

Living abroad in Australia was the best year of Siobhan’s life thanks to the numerous best friends made, festivals attended and err, studying, that went on. Her other notable achievements include becoming Women’s Caption of the Ultimate Frisbee Team at University, and her ability to open a beer bottle with her teeth.

She also loves anything to do with zombies and the apocalypse; so if you’re in the market for some water cooler chat over The Walking Dead – Siobhan’s your woman. 

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