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Suzy Shaw

The Professional

Suzy has a BSc in Psychology and a MSc in Marketing Management from the University of Southampton, where she was awarded a Distinction for her master’s dissertation on brand loyalty in the sportswear industry.

Fuelled by the success of mastering her masters, she’s since applied those clever clogs to the digital marketing industry itself, and prior to joining the team at Nest Suzy spent two years at Myprotein leading their Global Paid Social and Programmatic strategy.

Here she scaled Paid Social spend to more than 5x from what it was when she started, and led the company’s first successful Paid Social, Display and TrueView Black Friday campaign.

The Person

Suzy loves brains.

Don’t worry though; she only loves studying them and talking about them. Her decision to embark on a Psychology degree was founded through of her love of Neuropsychology since college, and she’s spent a fascinating few years studying the brain mechanics behind psychopaths and serial killers.  

When she’s not trying to get into other people’s heads however, Suzy can be found raising the bar. Literally – she’s a weightlifting champ and also adores travelling, with Iceland being her number one spot of all time. 

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