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Brilliant companies and brilliant results are entirely down to a group of brilliant people.

We started life at Hatch Group 3 years ago with our 3 founders and their vision. That vision, and all the hard work and brainpower that went into making it happen, has now grown into 1 big office, 3 companies, 12 employees and 16 tutors. And we’re only just getting started.

Yet whilst Hatch Group is continuing to scale rapidly, our work culture will always retain the 3 core characteristics that have made it so successful.

Our people. When hiring, we look for people who naturally possess a strong sense of ownership, who take pride in the quality of their work and have a supportive attitude. It’s important for everyone to enjoy working at Hatch Group alongside colleagues we all like and trust so we can have fun together.

It also means we can offer perks like flexible office hours and working from home days, safe in the knowledge that everyone will do their job brilliantly without needing to be micromanaged. A supportive attitude is vital because our close-knit team has been grown out of a start-up culture – everyone should always ready to help each other out and muck in when needs be.

Our clients. Hatch Group operates with a client-first approach. We take a lot of time to understand the needs behind our clients’ specific business goals, and their KPIs become ours. By getting under the skin of our clients, we can line up our expertise alongside their fundamental company requirements, and work with them to implement an action plan that is perfectly tailored to drive the results they need – be it across our suite of services, or from one of our specific companies.

Quality. Quality is the keystone of Hatch Group, and underpins everything we do. We hire brilliant candidates and achieve outstanding results because we are driven by the quality of our work – both for our clients and for ourselves. Hatch Group people are also innovative, we don’t just accept the status quo; because yesterday’s performance strategies don’t deliver quality in today’s ever-evolving landscape.

We always have one eye on the future to spot the opportunities that will drive us, and our clients, ahead of the curve. Whether it’s a new channel, technique or just an idea, we’re the ones who thrive on getting there first. However, driving quality also requires being honest – because good quality work and advice isn’t about quick wins and should last a long time.

We all prioritise doing the right thing over revenue opportunities. We’re not afraid to push back and advise clients against doing something that’s not in their best interests – even if that’s working with us.


Life at Hatch Group

We trust and believe in our employees to deliver exceptional results and drive our companies forward through their talent and passion for what we do.

We don’t believe that this should mean working late every night, or be restricted to an office space 100% of the time. We also don’t believe that genius occurs through wearing a suit (but if you want to wear suit, that’s cool too).

Our 10am-5pm office hours are flexible and derived from an outlook that encourages a very strong work/life balance. “Work From Home Wednesdays” are a standard across all of the Hatch Group companies.

Every employee’s wellbeing is extremely important to us. We want people to have fun on our Hatch Group journey, and be happy whilst working here. Our teams are made up of very talented, sociable people who love hanging out together in an organic rather than forced way – so we regularly host company offsites and days out that range from Escape Rooms to boat parties and barbeques in the summer.

Oh, and we also have a pub attached to our offices to host one of the most important meetings of the week – team drinks on Fridays.

If you’re a talented and forward-thinking individual who takes pride in the quality of your work – get in touch, fill out our form below. We’re always on the hunt to recruit new people to join us across all of our Hatch Group companies. 

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