May 8, 2019

Hatch:Apps & Gaming

Millions of apps are created every year and competition in this market is intensifying at breakneck speed. Created by Nest Performance and based on their tried-and-tested strategies that have succeeded in this space, Hatch:Apps will teach you how to structure advanced campaigns across a variety of platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Google UAC. You will learn the most effective bidding strategies, creative best practices, UA approaches to audience targeting, how to optimise for higher LTV and App Store Optimisation.

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  • Course Tutor
    Dan Lyttleton

    Dan has spent 8 years in various digital marketing roles at some of the leading names in performance marketing such as Blowfish Digital, Fetch, Nanigans and Rise Project. Dan has managed over $50m in ad spend across a variety of disciplines - from paid social to mobile app promotion and programmatic RTB. He's built strategy and scaled performance for an impressive list of some of the world's top mobile advertisers; including Miniclip, Depop, Wooga, Playdemic, Gamesys, and

4 Key areas You'll Cover on Hatch:Apps

1. UA on all the main social platforms

  • Platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Google UAC
  • Audience building and targeting, effective bidding strategies
  • Creative best practice and how to build a strong creative strategy
  • Increasing in-app retention and how to optimise in-app revenue

2. KPIs

  • Understanding common KPIs, from those that indicate creative performance through to those that measure and define return
  • Balancing higher level business goals such as ROAS, whilst optimising upper funnel indicators of performance such as CPI
  • Finding the right KPIs for your company

3. Lifetime value

  • Key metrics and signals
  • Measuring and predicting LTV
  • How to optimise for higher LTV

4. App Store Optimisation

  • Best practice
  • Effective testing strategies
  • How to measure success

Why Choose Hatch

  • "Great insight and unbiased advice on best practice with thought-provoking, interactive exercises and a very engaging trainer!"

    - James Fitzsimmons, Shop Direct
  • “Friendly, great teachers, enjoyed the exercises and team work."

    - , Oktra

How Hatch Is Different

  • Unrivalled Channel Expertise

    For each workshop we have at least one tutor and one course architect who work together to create courses that teach the most important and advanced concepts in their subject. We only work with experts who spend all day, every day working on their specific channel – so they understand the challenges you’re facing, the techniques that work today, and the insight you need to constantly enhance performance.

  • Deep, cutting-edge content

    If you want to really learn, you need to take the time. Our 2-day, intensive format will equip you with the in-depth knowledge you need to succeed in your channel. Taught by leading industry experts and constantly refreshed to keep on top of market best practices, our courses are more advanced than anything else on the market.

  • Learning Through Doing

    We encourage learning through task-based activities – not note-taking during endless presentations. Our courses are interactive and challenging, with plenty of practical tasks based on real life scenarios – so if you want to doze off in front of slides, you’re better off elsewhere.

  • Dive Into Data

    You’re working in data-heavy performance marketing so hands-on data analysis and optimisation is a key component of all our workshops.

  • The Latest Trends and Techniques

    Our content is constantly refreshed so it always provides the latest material on industry best practice and standards. Plus, after you’ve completed the course, you will have perpetual access to all our materials as they are updated.

  • Expand Your Network

    Meet new likeminded professionals, share knowledge and gain industry insight from different perspectives. Workshop attendees come from all over the world and from a wide range of verticals. We take all of our course attendees out for lunch on the first day and drinks at the end of the final day to facilitate networking opportunities in a more relaxed environment.



    You will need to have some familiarity with basic marketing concepts and terminology (CPC, CTR, conversions, etc), but beyond that, even if you’re relatively inexperienced, as long as you have a good head on your shoulders and lots of energy you will be fine.


    As with most things that come free, you’re not going to get top quality. If you’re looking to advance your skills and take your abilities to the next level, you are going to need to invest in your training – otherwise you’re putting your advertising budget into the hands of someone who lacks a deep, comprehensive understanding of the channel. Don’t take that risk.

    A good way of looking at this is to compare the investment for the workshop against your media budget. If you’re spending a tenner a day then of course its not worth it, but if your budget is into the hundreds or thousands per month then the efficiency gained from the techniques you learn will generate a huge return for your business – which will far exceed of the cost of the course.


    An agency is typically incentivised by how much you spend and keeping your business in the long-term. The money you spend on a platform goes straight into the media owner’s pockets, and they’re not going to teach you a fully comprehensive view of your channel for fear that you may eventually choose to move away from them.

    We offer truly impartial insights on how to maximise your investment from your chosen media channel and unbiased advice on where you need to improve.

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