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As Google’s ever-changing algorithms update to reward the sites with true user value and penalise those trying to cheat their way to the top, the focus for SEO marketers is shifting. While site structure and technical SEO are essential to set your site up for success, what’s equally important is that you have a content strategy to go with it. We’ll take you through both topics in detail to ensure you’re up to the challenge.

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  • Course Tutor
    Dimitris Zotos

    Dimitris has worked for over 8 years as a digital marketing professional in several leading media agencies; iProspect, TheMediaFlow, Mozaik, and was Co-creator of, a search marketing data and analytics start-up. He currently manages the digital team of a media agency based in London, overseeing digital channel strategy including paid and natural search, paid social and programmatic display.

  • Course Architect
    Nick Pateman

    Nick started out as an “SEO” back in 2004, developing websites and attempting to rank them in Google. In 2010 he founded a SEO agency and since then he’s been involved in strategic planning for website marketing, including technical SEO, content marketing and conversion rate optimisation.

4 Key Areas You'll Cover on Hatch:SEO

1. Google’s Algorithms

  • How does Google index and rank websites
  • How the algorithm has evolved and what’s new for 2019
  • The key principles of SEO

2. Topic Modelling

  • Competitive analysis and search landscapes
  • Topic modelling through user intent
  • How to prepare a sitemap

3. Google Penalties and Recoveries

  • The penguin algorithm and the dangers of link-building
  • Bad SEO and renouncing low quality links
  • The road to recovery and the need to diversify

4. A Robust Content Strategy

  • How to rectify the common mistakes of a content marketing campaign
  • How create a content marketing strategy – from planning to outreach
  • The critical role of influencers and high value links

Why Choose Hatch

  • "Super-relevant to what I do and gave me some great new knowledge as well as product examples plus useful sites and tools."

    - Digby Bodenham, Bought By Many
  • "It was a really hands-on course with a good tutor who really knew what he was talking about. Since I did the course we have managed to grow our impressions by 30%, clicks by 80%, and our CTR has jumped from less than 3% to nearly 7%."

    - Matt Jonas, Natcen

How Hatch Is Different

  • Unrivalled Channel Expertise

    For each workshop we have at least one tutor and one course architect who work together to create courses that teach the most important and advanced concepts in their subject. We only work with experts who spend all day, every day working on their specific channel – so they understand the challenges you’re facing, the techniques that work today, and the insight you need to constantly enhance performance.

  • Deep, cutting-edge content

    If you want to really learn, you need to take the time. Our 2-day, intensive format will equip you with the in-depth knowledge you need to succeed in your channel. Taught by leading industry experts and constantly refreshed to keep on top of market best practices, our courses are more advanced than anything else on the market.

  • Learning Through Doing

    We encourage learning through task-based activities – not note-taking during endless presentations. Our courses are interactive and challenging, with plenty of practical tasks based on real life scenarios – so if you want to doze off in front of slides, you’re better off elsewhere.

  • Dive Into Data

    You’re working in data-heavy performance marketing so hands-on data analysis and optimisation is a key component of all our workshops.

  • The Latest Trends and Techniques

    Our content is constantly refreshed so it always provides the latest material on industry best practice and standards. Plus, after you’ve completed the course, you will have perpetual access to all our materials as they are updated.

  • Expand Your Network

    Meet new likeminded professionals, share knowledge and gain industry insight from different perspectives. Workshop attendees come from all over the world and from a wide range of verticals. We take all of our course attendees out for lunch on the first day and drinks at the end of the final day to facilitate networking opportunities in a more relaxed environment.


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